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    About Us

    We are involved in transportation of cargoes worldwide and in rendering a package of services related with international shipments.

About us in numbers

  • 15+

    Years of experience in logistics and cargo transportation

  • 10 000+

    Successfully and on time delivered goods

  • 120+

    Regular clients who have trusted us with their business for more than one year

  • 50+

    A person on our “Contship Express” team

The mission of Contship Express is to:

The mission of Contship Express is to:

— assist in your business growth by providing the best logistical chains in the sphere of international transportation

We have been operating in international shipment business for over 15 years. Meanwhile thousands and thousands of customers showed their interest in our operations, whereas 1500 of them have become our regular clients and 120 companies have confided their business in our hands performing outsourcing, logistics and transportation. Side-by-side we have overcome several crises: our mutual cooperation enables us to survive, get toughened in our never-ending efforts for the sake of building-up new opportunities for our mutually beneficial activities.

We offer the most favorable rates

There are several dozens of reliable partners in different countries worldwide, who we maintain both businesslike and friendly relations with for years. For this very reason we can offer the most favorable and cost-efficient rates for transportation and warehouse service.

 We offer the most favorable rates
We are ready to act as your agent for procurement of goods

We are ready to act as your agent for procurement of goods

We are fully-fledged to become your reliable representative for procurement of goods from Europe, USA, China, South Korea, Turkey and other countries.

In the environment of current restrictions and sanctions, we suggest you should use an integrated solution for resuming the purchase of imported goods and ensuring the uninterrupted supplies of products required. Our partners in Turkey, UAE and Indonesia will enter into agreements with your foreign suppliers and supply the necessary goods. Then we shall arrange delivery of these goods to Russia.

We make purchases in various currencies, US dollar, Euro, Turkish Lira, Dirham, British Pound of Sterling, Chinese Yuan, etc. inclusively that makes provision for flexibility and optimization of expenses.

Our long-term experience of dealing with companies from EU, USA, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and others can be a good guarantee that we shall perform our obligations in due time and at a high professional level.

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The goods that we transport

  • Simple and plain

    Cargo that does not require special conditions for transportation and storage. It is easy-to-transport.

  • Fragile

    Cargo that is easily susceptible to breakage or damage during haulage. Therefore, it needs careful handling and special packaging (glass, dishware, electronics, items of art and ceramics).

  • Loose

    Commodities comprising fine particles (sand, coal, cement, other construction materials). Therefore, special packing bags and a proper container carriage are needed to prevent any loss and spillage.

  • Consolidated cargoes

    Consolidated cargoes facilitate to find the efficient and low-cost solution, where the freight cost is diminished due to consolidation of relevant cargoes.

  • Oversized equipment

    We ensure a safe and reliable delivery of oversized equipment, while all safe standards are duly abided by.

  • Foodstuff

    We undertake to provide a fast delivery of foodstuff. It is done by choosing safe fast routes and meeting the quality standards. We also take care of proper packaging and shelf life of products.

  • Household chemicals

    We undertake a fast delivery of chemicals for household needs. It is done by choosing safe fast routes and meeting the quality standards with due attention to proper temperature conditions during transportation. We also take care of proper packaging and safety to avoid any leakage.

Additional services

Additional services

Our Company provides relevant services for export-import operations with comprehensive documentary support, including the receipt of approval documents (authorizations), drawing-up of handling documentation according to international standards, assistance in customs clearance, etc.

We provide transportation services across the globe and have our own warehouses for cargo consolidation in several countries of Asia and Europe, as well as we can mobilize administrative resources in different corners of our planet. All above-mentioned is feasible thanks to professionalism of our team members, who, based on their high expertise, fell completely comfortably everywhere and skillful enough to find a proper way out in any bottleneck, if such occurs.

Calculation of your freight costs can be done

Provide us full details about forthcoming shipment, by having completed a feedback form. We shall calculate your costs and contact you within a couple of hours.