• Cargo delivery from China

    Cargo delivery from China

    Turnkey delivery of cargo from China to Russia on the most favorable terms. Our company has established itself in the field of international transportation as a reliable supplier. We deliver goods on time and guarantee their safety and integrity.

Delivery of cargo from China to Russia on a turnkey basis on favorable terms. Company "Contship Express" - a reliable supplier in the field of international transport. We deliver goods on time, guarantee safety and integrity.

Features of cargo delivery from China

PRC – one of Russia's largest trading partners. The volume of cargo transportation between countries is constantly growing. The PRC's share in Russian trade at the end of 2023 was 32%. At the end of the year, trade turnover amounted to $225 billion. This is 22% higher than in 2022, and 60% higher than in 2021.

Under the conditions of sanctions, the process has become more complicated, but has not stopped. There is an increase in route routes, the need to combine methods (air, railway, sea routes), and devote time to customs clearance.

However, we will develop an optimal delivery scheme for goods for any purpose.

Selecting a delivery method

There are several options, each of which has advantages and disadvantages:

1. Direct railway delivery. Advantages: possibility of transporting sanctioned goods, simple route. Transit period – about 20 days from the moment the train departs, delivery time reaches 40-60 days depending on the congestion of the tracks. The main disadvantage – departure delays of up to a month, as well as congestion on the roads.

2. Delivery through the ports of European countries. Among the advantages are predictable timing and low cost. However, the constantly changing situation may lead to delays and the impossibility of removing containers with goods from ports.

3. Road transportation. The advantages include: transportation of any cargo (including oversized ones), transit up to 40 days. There are disadvantages: high cost, periodic delays and expenses, increased transport time when crossing the border.

4. Air delivery. Fast but expensive way. There are restrictions on volume and weight.

5. Combined delivery method: by sea + railway through the ports of the Far East and subsequent delivery to the client by railway. Among the advantages, one can note that the route runs through the territories of China and Russia. Due to this, the product will not be subject to the sanctions policies of other countries. Among the features of the combined option, one can note the high port load. As a result, short periods of delivery delays may occur.

The choice of method depends on the cargo being transported and the timing. We will select a route and, if necessary, create a multimodal route, combining delivery methods taking into account timing.

Document preparation

Customs clearance – difficult stage. The declarant will need to prepare a large package of documents and calculate payments.

You will need an impressive list of documents:

  • about the company (charter, registration documents, registration certificates, extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities).
  • about delivery (copy of the contract, payment statements, transaction passports, certificates, declarations, etc.).

The slightest errors in drawing up documents will lead to delays in cargo, which can lead to serious financial costs.

Why should you choose "Contship Express"

We provide turnkey delivery of goods from China (route development, customs clearance). Thanks to 15 years of experience, we know how to properly carry out transport services so as to minimize any costs during the delivery and clearance of goods.

The cost of shipping from China

On an All-inclusive basis*

Shipping method

Minimum weight

Delivery time

Price per 1 kg


from 500 kg

35-55 days

from $ 0.45

Air (economy)

from 100 kg

7-10 days

from 5$


from 500 kg

18-30 days

from 0,75$

Express (direct flight)

from 10 kg

1-3 days

from 15$

*These prices are indicative; for a more accurate calculation, you need to fill out a cargo form or contact the company by phone, where the manager will calculate the exact cost of delivering your cargo.

We give clients

  • By delegating logistics issues to us, you don’t have to worry about the timing and safety of the goods. We are ready to vouch for our reputation for the quality of work. We guarantee:

  • The use of modern transport

  • Timely delivery of the cargo

  • The best price offer

  • Complete safety of the cargo

  • Individual approach to each client

Scheme of our

  • 01

    Receiving a request from a customer to calculate the cost of delivery and customs clearanceия

  • 02

    Working out the optimal route for the client's requirements.

  • 03

    Calculation of the cost of delivery and customs clearance

  • 04

    Conclusion of the contract

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