• International highway transportation operations

    International highway transportation operations

    We are involved in cargo transportation by trucks from: China, Turkey, Iran and EU.

We deliver any kind of cargo

  • Combined cargoes

    Several orders for different customers are formed in one shipment

  • Complete

    Bulky loads that occupy most or all of the cargo space

  • Oversized

    Shipments of non-standard sizes and shapes that do not fit into a standard truck.

  • Dangerous goods

    Gases, acids, chemicals, flammable mixtures, etc.

  • Project cargo

    Transportation of production equipment by several road trains, with simultaneous loading, arrival at customs and unloading

  • Loads requiring compliance with the temperature regime

    In cooling, heating or deep freezing mode

  • High-value cargoes with an extended amount of CMR insurance

    If necessary, with the organization of support

Shipments by trucks make the part of international cargo carriages during direct and multimodal delivery, where several types of transport means are used.


  • The best choice, when the delivery speed matters. Highway transportations enable to haulage goods at relatively short and medium distances.
  • Flexibility. Highway transportations are made along pre-planned route at convenient time.
  • Door-to-door delivery. It is essential, when delivering the perishables, valuables and documents.

Special features:

  • Regulatory restrictions concerning the weight and overall dimensions.

Our company is specially involved in express delivery of various types of goods:

- Combined. We used to consolidate several types of goods for different clients into one consignment (consolidation) that allows reducing costs, because the final delivery cost is divided between all concerned clients.

- Bulky. The cargoes occupy all or the largest part of loading space by measurements.

- Oversized. These cargoes of non-standard sized and forms, which do not fit the loading space of a standard truck.

- Hazardous. Gases, acids, chemicals and deflagrating mixtures.

- Design cargoes, for instance – manufacturing equipment. Several trucks are employed with simultaneous loading, arrival at customs and unloading at the destination point.

- Temperature-sensible goods that need temperature control (in the mode of cooling, warming or freezing).

-Valuable goods with augmented amount of CMR-insurance and possibility to forward the goods, if required.

This list of cargoes that we can transport is not exhaustive. Since we have been involved in international highway transportation for over 15 years, we are skillful enough to find good solutions, when handling the problem.

We offer:

Safety – insurance on favorable terms that absolutely guarantees a full compensation of amount indicated in the accompanying documents for the goods.

Customs formalities – we maintain partnership relations with a majority of brokers and have a good knowledge of special features concerning the customs house operations.

Fast delivery – we thoroughly study and choose the right route of truck traffic, ensuring the cargoes will arrive onto the territory of consignee’s state within the shortest period of time.

Consolidation of cargoes from suppliers – we have our own warehouses in many European countries.

A wide geography of deliveries: we deliver goods from Europe and Turkey to Russia (all its regions, the far East inclusively), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan. Opposite direction of shipments is welcomed too.

We are delivering goods from any corner of the world

Specify your request: type and amount of cargo, place of departure and destination. Our task is to offer you a well-thought-out logistics solution for fast and safe delivery

Geography of supplies

What is included into our service

  • Transportation of container by a truck along agreed-upon route

  • Selection of transport vehicle, acceptable for the required type of cargo

  • Logistical chain tracking

  • Preparation of document package

Our flow of work

  • 01

    Receiving an inquiry from a client requesting freight cost and customs fees calculation

  • 02

    Elaboration of the best route meeting the client’s requirements.

  • 03

    Calculation of delivery cost and customs formalities expenditures

  • 04

    Conclusion of contract

  • 05

    Execution of contract

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Calculation of your freight costs can be done

Provide us full details about forthcoming shipment, by having completed a feedback form. We shall calculate your costs and contact you within a couple of hours.