• Delivery of foodstuff and household chemicals to Russia

    Delivery of foodstuff and household chemicals to Russia

    Contship Express Company is a reliable partner in the sphere of international transportation. We deliver goods from different countries to the Russian Federation.

Our offer is to provide services for suppling a wide range of foodstuff, carbonated soft drinks, confectionery products, chocolate, household chemicals and other FMCG from EU, Turkey, China and USA to the Russian Federation.

Genuine products from direct suppliers: Kellogg's, Ferrero, Mondelez, Coca-Cola Company, Procter&Gamble and Henkel. We guarantee a unique nature of products.

We offer to our clients::

  • Direct supplies, including from companies, which do not operate on the Russian market directly.
  • Supplies of any commercial lots – from small to large wholesale consignments.

Why Contship Express is a choice preferred?

We have expertise, professional skills required to ensure shipment reliability.

Expert-wise understanding of requirements and standards.

We aware of importance in complying with necessary requirements during transportation of foodstuff and household chemicals. Our specialists guarantee that cargo will be delivered in strict accordance with international regulations and safety norms.

Up-to-date facilities and equipment

We make use of up-to-date transport means and specialized equipment.


Safety is our priority. We strictly observe standards and guarantee that your goods will be delivered safe and intact.

Promptness and flexibility in cargo delivery

We are set to response promptly to any changes in the plans and ready to meet the clients’ requirements. Our flexible system allows adapting to any circumstances and ensuring uninterrupted delivery of foodstuff and household chemicals to the Russian Federation.

We use specialized containers for the foodstuff and household chemicals transportation which ensure integrity of goods. Type of transport depends of goods and conditions:

  • Refrigerator trucks (vessels) for foodstuff require a specific temperature. Temperature inside the container should be maintained by a special control system.
  • Isothermal containers: they guarantee safety (shelf life of products) protecting it for external factors and temperature split.
  • Protective film for packaging household chemicals: protects chemicals from any ingress of air and moisture.
  • Specialized containers for hazardous cargoes: some types of household chemicals can be classified as hazardous cargoes and need a special package or containers.

We are delivering goods from any corner of the world

Specify your request: type and amount of cargo, place of departure and destination. Our task is to offer you a well-thought-out logistics solution for fast and safe delivery

Geography of supplies

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Calculation of your freight costs can be done

Provide us full details about forthcoming shipment, by having completed a feedback form. We shall calculate your costs and contact you within a couple of hours.