• Finance service for procurement of goods

    Finance service for procurement of goods

    through own companies in Turkey, UAE and Indonesia

In environment of current restrictions and sanctions, Contship Express offers a package solution for proceeding cooperation with foreign partners and ensuring uninterrupted supplies of goods. Owing to well-balanced partnership relations in Turkey, UAE and Indonesia, we have good opportunities to conclude contracts with foreign suppliers and arrange procurement and delivery of goods to Russia.

We make deals in such currencies as: dollars, euro, Turkish lira, dirham, yuan and pound of sterling. It makes it possible to adopt easily to the clients’ needs and find win-win solutions. Many years of operations with companies from EU, USA, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE and others highlight professionalism of Contship Express in all stages of the deal.

Our efforts are customized: we offer individual payment schemes and logistics. The cargo transported is very diverse: oversized equipment, car spare parts, lorries, special machinery, foodstuff and beverages.

Our finance service releases the clients from necessity to monitor exchange rates of currencies and settle down problems related with transaction restrictions. We provide timely settlement of payments within two days. By choosing our services, you have a good opportunity to find new suppliers all over the world, circumvent sanctions and trade barriers in order to ensure a stable running of your business.

How we work?

For implementing importation of goods, we make use of the scheme, according to which our company is engaged as an importer playing the role of foreign trade agent. It is applicable for companies-residents of the Russian Federation.

We let our client acquire foreign products abroad, avoiding any risks and additional tax payments. Clients do not need currency accounts, because we take upon ourselves all operations.

The procedure is established as follows:

  1. We conclude a foreign trade contract with the supplier and sales-purchase agreement with the client.
  2. The Supplier issues an invoice, while we re-issue it to you.
  3. After payment is made, we set to remitting the necessary money.
  4. Afterwards we pick up the goods and deliver it to Russia, and customs clearance is made.
  5. Goods are delivered to the Client.


  • No inspections on the part of customs officer or currency controller.
  • There is no risk being brought to administrative accountability for infringement of rules for declaration of goods.

We suggest two variants of entering into contracts between our company and a Client in Russia:

  • Agency agreement;
  • Sales-purchase contract.

Why Contship Express is a choice preferred?

Under conditions of competitive environment, the efficiency of procurement efforts is of a decisive role in the company achievements. That is why we offer a package solution aimed to optimize the purchasing procedure and enhance its efficiency.

Our services:

  • Financial consulting. Assessment of ongoing procurement strategy, identification of fields for improvement, elaboration of individual solutions for optimization.
  • Analytics and coverage. Collection, analysis of information about suppliers, prices and market trends that enables to make reasonable decisions and reduce risks.
  • Financing of purchases. Provision of flexible financial instruments, such as credit facilities, factoring of operation support and cash flow control.

Advantages of finance service offered by Contship Express Company:

  • Budget optimization. The integrated approach allows companies controlling the procurements in more efficient way that helps to cut expenditures and use funds in more rational way.
  • Efficiency improvement. We ensure transparency and control of procurement procedures that enhances operational performance.
  • Risk reduction. A thorough analysis of suppliers, goods and market conditions is helpful to clients in choosing well-reasoned decisions, reducing the risk of interaction with unreliable suppliers and risk of overpayment.

By choosing our finance service the companies will get an access to professional solutions aimed at optimization of procurement operations and enhancement of competitive edge.

We are delivering goods from any corner of the world

Specify your request: type and amount of cargo, place of departure and destination. Our task is to offer you a well-thought-out logistics solution for fast and safe delivery

Geography of supplies

The flow chart of the goods when imported to our contract:

  • 1

    We conclude a foreign trade contract with a supplier and a sales-purchase contract with you.

  • 2

    The Supplier issues an invoice for goods, while our company re-issues the invoice to you.

  • 3

    You effectuate payment under invoice and we remit the money to the Supplier.

  • 4

    We pick up the goods from the Supplier and deliver it to Russia.

  • 5

    We have the customs clearance made for goods.

  • 6

    We deliver the goods to you.

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Calculation of your freight costs can be done

Provide us full details about forthcoming shipment, by having completed a feedback form. We shall calculate your costs and contact you within a couple of hours.